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Biarritz is an exceptional destination located in the heart of the Basque Country, to meet different cultures.

With two airports: Biarritz - Pays Basque airport, close to the city center and only about 20 minutes from San Sebastian airport, Biarritz is connected to European cities and capitals and also Paris in just one hour.

Biarritz is now a flourishing center of sports, culture and good food.

Recently, the French government has chosen the brand Biarritz-Basque Country, a jewel of international tourism, to underline the advantages of tourism in France, with 19 other destinations.

Biarritz is the perfect destination for those who seek art of good living, relaxation, culture and creativity.

The weather is moderate, with varied landscapes of beaches and mountains.

Nature has given Biarritz the best that can be offered: a magnificent climate all year round; fresh, invigorating air, water with extraordinary properties.

Beauty and wellness are gathered in Biarritz which is ideally located next to the sea and at the bottom of the Pyrenees.

Today, it is coming to revitalize body and spirit in the whirlpools of water of thalassotherapy and spa centers of Biarritz.

Guests will find surf spots, golf and rugby fields, Basque pelota courts, festival spaces and an exceptional environment.


A 4-kilometer road on the Atlantic coast, making Biarritz one of the most emblematic destinations on the Basque Coast.

The golfers who have chosen Biarritz as "Queen of the greens", as well as the French playwright Sacha Guiltry has chosen Biarritz as "Queen of the beaches", surely knowing

Biarritz has 16 golf courses within a radius of 100 km.

The Golf Le Phare was created in 1888, making it one of the oldest on the continent.

At that time, no one had predicted that surfing would make its first appearance on the Old Continent in Biarritz.

Surfing has given the city another title - the European surfing capital - which developed the water sports industry that was already worth 900 million euros in 2003.

Basque pelota and surfing are national ... titles.

The city is seen as a sports field, and the sports that are practiced reflect the city's enthusiasm for life.

The strength of Biarritz is based on its attachment to traditions and exceptional lands - wealth that it has managed to preserve : which may explain why it has such an excellent position in the conference and incentive markets.

Much more than promises, Biarritz provides the impetus to get the best out of you.